Cyber Security from Cyber724

a division of Starport Managed Services


Cyber724 will review your cyber risk management by conducting a comprehensive analysis of existing security infrastructure and protocols. We then provide a detailed report on your organization’s cyber posture.


Our suite of tools monitors and protects computers, servers, routers, networking equipment, cloud applications, and smart devices. Security staff will use these tools to analyze and review  all system activities to uncover anomalous activity indicative of an attack.


Management awareness of cyber security is not enough; security awareness in all staff is paramount to a well-protected organization. Industry-tailored security awareness training by our experts will have your staff vigilant about keeping systems and information secure.


Our penetration testing methodology uncovers vulnerabilities residing in all IT infrastructure and attempts to exploit them to obtain access to sensitive information. Cyber724 provides system-based penetration testing as well as in-person, phone, and email-based social engineering tests.

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