Cyber Security from Cyber724

a division of Starport Managed Services


Cyber724 will review your strategies for managing the risks associated with cyber attacks. We’ll conduct a thorough analysis of your existing configurations and provide a detailed review of your cyber readiness. Our experts will closely examine your cyber defence technology, protocols, and processes–providing you with a comprehensive report on your organization’s stance as it pertains to cyber risk.


Our technology monitors and protects computers, smart devices, routers, as well as your network and cloud devices. Staff at our security operations centre monitor and analyze activity, monitoring for anomalous activity which is indicative of a compromise or security incident.


You are on the front line in the cyber-war. Get security awareness training for your staff from our experts. Your session will be customized to your industry and IT environment. Cyber724 takes an integrated approach across the physical, digital and human domains to secure your assets.


Our penetration testing methodology uncovers vulnerabilities residing in IT system, applications or network components and attempts to exploit them to obtain access to sensitive information. CyberCheck is comprised of technical penetration testing as well as in-person, phone and email based social engineering testing services.

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